Chinotto Portofino

Mama Mia! A sparkling soda made with an infusion of Chinotto from Liguria.


Chinotto Portofino is a natural soft drink, ideal for an alcohol-free aperitif. It has a sweet-bitter taste and is typical of Italian drinks and aperitifs. Drink with lots of ice cubes in the glass or use as an ingredient for a cocktail.

Portofino is a harbor village in the Italian province of Genoa. The Portofino company was founded by the inhabitants themselves and the aim is to preserve the local traditions, to reuse the abandoned land and to use beautiful products from Liguria. The products are made with local ingredients and the range shows what the country has to offer!


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Product Info

  • Type Alcohol-free aperitif
  • Size 250ml
  • Country Italy
  • Brand Name Niasca Portofino
  • Available in Albert Heijn and Dekamarkt

Nutritional Information

No information available


Water, cane sugar, caramelized sugar, carbonic acid, natural flavors, quinine aroma, infusion of Chinotto from Liguria (0.1%), acidity regulator: citric acid, geranium extract (0.04%), salt.

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